Frequently Asked Questions - Nigeria

FAQ - Nigeria

Our Data Scientists and Institution Consultants work around the clock to keep information on VasLeague up-to-date.

However, we recommend that you check from the institution's website, or reach out to the institution directly for confirmation.

When you are in doubt or you have any information contradicting what we present, do not hesitate to request us to check or update the information, by sending an email to

Due to the possibility of the incidence of misinformation that may arise by allowing users to update information on VasLeague and our current inability to verify the user's identity, we currently don't the support or allow users to directly update the information.

However, we are excited about users who share information with us for update or inclusion on VasLeague. To share information or request an update, please send an email to

We continue to work around the clock to include institutions on VasLeague. And hope to include your institution of interest soon.

However, to make us prioritize your institution, send an email to

Only regions with at least one institution profiled on VasLeague are visible on VasLeague. We continue to work around the clock to include institutions on VasLeague. As soon as we profile the first institution in the region in question, the region will become visible on VasLeague.

We are working hard to include every african country as soon as possible. We apologize about our current inability.

We hope to include your country of interest soon. To make us prioritize your country of interest, send a mail to